A Flexible Design for Gathering at the Hunter Farm Site

UPDATE: Visit the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project page to register for the COMMUNITY BUILD, between August 18-21.

Last night, the Pomegranate Center unveiled the design developed for the Hunter Farm Gathering Place project, a project funded through a grant from Tully’s Coffee (I mean seriously, have you seen their Kuerig machine?). Over 70 people showed up to Wedgwood Presbyterian Church to hear Milenko Matanovic, the Executive Director of the Pomegranate Center, describe how the community shaped the design and what is intended by each design element. However, midway through the presentation the power went out to the church, so the presentation continued informally across the street at the Hunter Farm site.

The design presented is the culmination of the 4 concepts and 68 unique ideas developed by the community at the June 11th kick-off meeting.  The result is a flexible and innovative site design that maintains the existing uses on the site (especially the Hunter Family’s annual Christmas tree sales) while allowing additional formal and informal public uses throughout the year on the site.  Additionally, the design includes a shed to establish the site as an Emergency HUB where trained emergency response personnel can communicate with the City’s first responders and Office of Emergency Management.  A great example of a successful public/private partnership meeting many needs of NE Seattle communities.

To download the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project Design, click HERE (.PDF, 400KB).
Download the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Materials List, click HERE (.PDF, 17KB).

The next steps for the project is the COMMUNITY BUILD on August 18-21! This will be a NE Seattle Amish barn raising of sorts.  There will be lots of work for people of all ages and abilities.  Stay tuned for an online registration form that will be posted on our website to sign up for different days and times.  Don’t miss it!  Add it to your calendar now!

We have a tight budget and a short time line to complete this project.  If you have money, materials, or services that you would like to DONATE, we would welcome those with open arms and provide you a receipt for your taxes. Make sure to email » Per Johnson if you’re interested to coordinate this.

So, what do you think of the design?  Are you excited?  Leave your comments below to share your thoughts.

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  1. This design successfully translates the hopes of the community into a working space. Over time (and with more money) we may be able to do more, but this is a fantastic start! Well done, Pomegranate and the Steering Committee!

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