Progress Already Being Made on the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project

Have you REGISTERED yet for the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project COMMUNITY BUILD?  If you haven’t yet but plan on coming out August 18-21, we’d really appreciate you registering so we can coordinate the project as effectively as possible.   Think of it as a courtesy registration, since we’d love you to come out regardless. Thanks to the 22 people who have already registered! More are needed!

In the mean time, we’ve been making lots of progress to get ready for the COMMUNITY BUILD thanks in large part to some generous groups and companies.

Progress Being Made…

For those that attended our project design unveiling, the following design features will not be new.  Those that haven’t seen the design can review it HERE.

Last week, a several members of the Seattle Chapter of Architecture for Humanity and a Wedgwood resident participated in a workshop at the Pomegranate Center to build a prototype of the wheelbarrow bench designed specifically for this project.  The wheelbarrow bench is large bench that can be moved around the site by 2 or so people on a reclaimed bicycle tire.  The prototype built comfortably sits 10 people.  During the months when the Hunter Tree Farm is selling trees, these benches can be stood up along the perimeter fence to create the space necessary for tree sales.

The red-sales booth on site is an important building to the Hunter Family.  As a result, the site design developed was done so to playfully incorporate this building into the site in fun ways.  One of the ways to do this is to build lots of little replicas (about 30) of this building and place them around the site as bird houses.  However, there are a lot of pieces that need to be cut in order to prepare for the assembly of 30 bird houses during the COMMUNITY BUILD.  Thanks to the folks at (providing everything for the DIY/Hobby CNC enthusiast), cutting all of the pieces necessary to build these bird houses is a simple task for a robotic cutting machine.

Still Time to Get Involved!

If you have skills, materials, and/or money that you would like to DONATE to the project, there’s still plenty of time.  Tell your friends and family and spread the word.  Many hands (and more money) make for light work.

Please email » Per Johnson if you would like to DONATE to the project.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

2 Replies to “Progress Already Being Made on the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project”

  1. The wheelbarrow benches are very clever. I assume that you move them by lifting the end opposite the wheel and pushing or pulling. It looks to me that by extending the top (sitting) boards past the end piece opposite the wheel you would form a better handle for that operation. In fact those boards could be shaped at the their ends to create grips similar to that of a traditional wheelbarrow.

    Geoff Briggs

    1. That’s right, Geoff. Two people can move them by grabbing the side opposite the wheel. Grips have been considered for the design. It’s a brilliant design that the Pomegranate Center came up with and is unique to this project. Looking forward to having you out there to help out!

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