The Hunter Farm Gathering Place Grand Opening Bash

On Saturday, September 17th, Tully’s Coffee threw a party at the Hunter Farm Gathering Place to celebrate the wildly successful community project.  Despite the windy weather, about 40-50 people turned out to enjoy coffee, reflect back on the project, and thank Tully’s Coffee, the Pomegranate Center, and the Hunter Family for making this project happen.

Gathering Place Celebration Ceremony

Gathering Place Celebration Ceremony

In attendance at the meeting was Karen Yacos, the Director of Community Outreach for Green Mountain Coffee (parent company of Tully’s Coffee), who flew out from Vermont to celebrate with us.  Karen had some wonderful things to say about the project, the community, and their partnership with Pomegranate Center which made this project possible.  Karen also announced an exciting opportunity for the community to learn how to use this new gathering place, which is the Event Grant.  Tully’s has committed three $400 Event Grants (total of $1,200) to groups who want to use the new gathering place for upcoming projects!  She announced 1 project, an Emergency HUB Drill, that has already been selected to occur on October 29th (more information on this drill to come).  You can find out more about these grants and apply for them online HERE.

Following Karen, Milenko Matanovich spoke on the benefits of community projects like this where we work together to build something beautiful.  Milenko was a constant creative force throughout the project (and 4 others at the same time!).  To conclude the event, the Wedgwood Community Council was able to thank the Hunter Family, Tully’s Coffee, and the Pomegranate Center for bringing such a fantastic space to gather to our NE Seattle community.

Many thanks to all those that came out and celebrated with us!

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