Upcoming Emergency Prepardness in NE Seattle – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a disaster or emergency strikes. How prepared are you?

The WCC has joined forces with other NE Seattle communities and Sustainable NE Seattle to help our communities become more prepared for an emergency.   Together, there are two exciting opportunities that we are pursuing which we would LOVE your help with.

  1. Emergency Preparedness Drill – Saturday, October 29th, 8:30AM t0 11:30AM at the new Hunter Farm Gathering Place  (7744 35th Ave NE)

    Have fun and learn how to saves lives at the same time.  In a quasi-scavenger hunt event, volunteers (that’s you!) will be given emergency scenarios and will go out in teams by foot, bike, or car with Walkie-talkies.  These teams will relay messages back to trained HAM Radio operators at the Wedgwood Emergency HUB who will then coordinate with the City’s Office of Emergency Management.  This will be the first event at the Wedgwood Emergency HUB.  A sizable showing from the community will go a long way to convincing the City that this HUB can be a viable emergency response location.  Read more about this fun and important event HERE!

  2. NMF Small & Simple Grant – NE Seattle Preparedness

    The upcoming round of Neighborhood Matching Fund Small & Simple Grants will have a focus on emergency preparedness.  The WCC, View Ridge, and Hawthorne Hills communities, along with Sustainable NE Seattle, are teaming together to submit a proposal to improve emergency preparedness in our communities.  This has been in the works for several months, but we are getting close to having to submit our volunteer hour match by October 1st!  If you would like to participate or volunteer over the next year towards emergency preparedness as part of this grant, please register below.


NMF Small & Simple Grant

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