Help Plan the Picardo P-patch Expansion this Saturday

Important Meeting to Plan the Picardo P-patch Expansion this Saturday, October 15th, from 10AM – 12PM at the U Prep Commons. All are welcome.  More from the Department of Neighborhoods “Front Door” blog below:

Come join fellow gardeners and neighbors this Saturday, October 15 from 10 to noon at U Prep Commons at U Prep School, next door to the P-Patch, to help plan the expansion!  Plans so far include re-plotting the south field paths and beds, installing a new irrigation system , extending and enhancing plantings on the south hillside, which will include native and edible plants as well as two specialized gardens; a bamboo cutting garden and a mushroom garden. Plans also call for  installing dedicated food bank beds,  installing educational signage in the garden, and last but not least, creating a permanent Children’s Garden for the kids and families and those young at heart to play and grow in and enjoy.

The project is supported with a $20,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple award.  For questions please contact » Milton Tam.

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