"Chalk One Up for the Good Guys Today!" – Burlary Suspects Caught

UPDATE: Wedgwood View has more information on the suspect from the police.

As Maple Leaf life reported last week, there have been several burglaries reported in Ravenna and Wedgwood by a Block Watch group near 77th block of 18th Ave NE.  Since that time, four other forced entry burglaries are reported around the 80th block of 20th Ave NE according to Seattle police reports.   We do not know whether all of these burglaries are related, but yesterday there was good news shared over the NE Seattle Mom’s listserve.

Chalk one up for the good guys today!

About 11am my husband and I were coming home, turning at the 4-way stop of 80th, north onto 20th when one of the young men described below ran across the crosswalk, north on 20th. We were slowing to turn into our driveway and he changed direction, doubling back to 80th. He took off his coat and turned west on 80th. We called 911 and turned the car around to follow. Another car pulled over and the driver (who turns out to be A WITNESS to the runner climbing out the window of his neighbor’s house at 80th and 20th) chased the man and eventually took him to the ground at 80th and 17th where he held him until the police arrived. The man was arrested. The police said they were in the area for a burglary which happened 20 minutes prior.

While that was happening, an African American woman in her early 20s kept her distance but followed the action as it went up the street. She was on her cell phone and walked back to the 80th and 20th northside bus stop when the police came (the closest stop by that point would have been to walk by the activity to the bus stop at 15th). My husband followed her and was describing all of this to 911. Before the police came to the bus stop, another African American male in his early 20s, black hoodie, pants and black backpack came walking out of the northside neighborhood of 80th and joined her at the bus stop. The police came and held her at first. Later my husband saw her in handcuffs. Interestingly, the neighbor who witnessed the burglar’s escape said he’d noticed the female at the bus stop with several buses going by and her never boarding one.

Another witness to the chase said she lived in the neighborhood and her neighbor was warning everyone that a person matching his description came to his door and rang the doorbell about 20 times.

Good work to all involved.  Please remember to be attentive to those around you and do not hesitate to call 911 if you believe something is wrong.

UPDATE: The Wedgwood View has more on the story, including a photo that was Tweeted from the scene.

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