Get Involved in Green Seattle Day 2011, this Saturday, November 5th

Green Seattle Day 2011 is this Saturday, November 5th, where coordinated work parties are organized by the GreenSeattle Partnership at several different parks and greenways.   Thousands of people come out for each Green Seattle Day and get involved.  It’s a ton of fun and a great way to make an impact.

The GreenSeattle Partnership is a unique and effective partnership between the City of Seattle and Cascade Land Conservancy.  The partnership works to restore our urban open spaces by removing invasive species and installing native tree and shrub species.

Click on the map to see where all of the different work parties are occurring.

View Green Seattle Day 2011 in a larger map

Here in NE Seattle, there are 2 work party sites taking place: Magnuson Park and the Burke Gilman Trail.  A group of local volunteers has formed to help restore the Burke Gilman Trail around Sand Point (join their Facebook Page!).  For those that use the trail, you may have notice the amazing amount of work these people have put into controlling the worst of the worst invasive species along the trail (e.g., English ivy, Japanese knotweed, and Himalayan blackberry).  It’s more than pulling weeds though.  Given the time of year, there’s a strong chance you can get the chance to install several trees or shrubs throughout these natural areas and learn a bit about the ecology surrounding you.

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