NE Seattle Burglaries Triple From Last October

UPDATE: Q13 Fox ran a story, which was weirdly picked up on their Spokane affiliate, that called Wedgwood out as having a rash of burglaries.  Video from the Q13 is below.

UPDATE:  KOMO’s North Seattle blog reports that 8 homes were burglarized in 2 days north and northwest of Wedgwood in areas that appear to be in the Lincoln Center.

The Pinehurst Seattle blog is reporting that the number of burglaries this past month in the Lincoln Sector, which includes Pinehurst and most of Wedgwood, doubled from the number of reported burglaries in October 2010. However, according to the numbers reported on the Pinehurst Seattle blog, the number of burglaries in the Lincoln Sector increased from 18 to 55.  Twenty of these burglaries were non-forced entry burglaries where someone had left a door or window open.  Assuming these numbers are correct, the number of burglaries actually tripled.  This despite the fact that the number of reported burglaries for the North Precinct as a whole were down.

We shared an action-packed story which was originally shared on the NE Seattle Mom’s email listserve last week of suspected burglars arrested near the 77th block of 18th Ave NE although this area is technically in the Union Sector.  The Wedgwood View blog followed up and reported that the suspects were wanted for robbery and potentially other burglaries.  Hopefully, these recent arrests will help to reduce the number of burglaries in our area.  Remember to lock your windows and doors.  And as the NE Seattle mom wrote in her action-packed email, “It’s ok to call 911 whenever we see something not quite right.”


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