King County District 1 Boundary Expands

District 1, which all of Wedgwood is located in, has expanded after King County officially and unanimously adopts the new redistricting boundaries yesterday.  The previous southern boundary for District 1 had essentially terminated at 75th, which is also Wedgwood’s neighborhood boundary.  However, 2010 Census figures showed an increase in District 1 population of 11,243 versus an increase of 6,823 in District 2 (south of District 1).  As a result, District 1 expanded south from NE 75th Street to NE 65th Street with a few wiggles.  The boundary still includes all of Wedgwood, but now includes more of our friends from the Ravenna-Bryant and View Ridge neighborhoods to the south.  It also now includes all of Windermere.  Below is the new District 1 southern boundary.

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More information can be found on the King County Redistricting Website.

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