A Wet and Windy Thanksgiving. Time to Prepare!

UPDATE: Apparently Seattle Public Utilities also thinks its a good idea to clean out your storm drains in anticipation of the big storm.

Weather reports suggest that an oncoming change in the weather could bring lots of rain (up to 4-5 inches) and heavy wind to the Wedgwood area.  We all love the tall, mature trees that Wedgwood is known for.  However, with trees often comes leaves.  And leaves and storm drains don’t mix well.  If you live near a storm drain, take a peak and clean up any accumulated leaves that could reduce its ability to drain standing water.  Please avoid raking or blowing leaves into the street.  And if you live north of 85th and don’t have much of a drainage infrastructure in the streets and end up with flooding, now is a good time to double check your sand bags.  This is also a good reminder to winterize your home or apartment for the impending cooler temperatures.

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