Congratulations to Gerry Pollet, 46th District Newest House Representative

UPDATE 1: The Seattle Times has more information on Gerry Pollet.

Late last week, the Gerry Pollet was selected by the 46th District Democrats Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) as their recommended nominee to fill the vacancy in the House of Representatives created by former Representative David Frockt’s appointment to fill the late Senator Scott White’s post.  The PCO’s recommendation was sent on to the King County Council for their formal approval, which occurred this morning when they voted 9-0 to appoint Pollet as the district’s newest representative after a bit of Q&A.

Both the Seattle Times and Publicola have stories on this mornings appointment.

Congratulations to our newest State House Representative.

Photo courtesy of Steve Zemke and the 46th District Democrat’s Facebook Page. As a reminder, the WCC is a nonpartisan community organization.

One Reply to “Congratulations to Gerry Pollet, 46th District Newest House Representative”

  1. Dear Neighbors,
    Thank you so much for the congratulations. I am already busy representing the District in Olympia, having gone down for the Special Session the very next morning after the King County Council vote.
    My commitment is to be easily accessible to you and all residents of the 46th. During the regular Session I will be holding weekly drop in office hours here in the District because I believe that you should be able to see your Rep without going to Olympia during the Session. I know what it is like to organize a carpool of parents or concerned neighbors to drive to Olympia for a 15 minute visit with a legislator.
    Please watch for notices of those times for in district drop in meetings.
    And, let me know if you’d like me to come to a neighborhood, PTSA or other meeting. As a schools and neighborhood activist, I believe it is very important to know what your concerns are, and how we can make a difference on those concerns from the Legislature.

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