Wedgwood Apartments – November Update

I’ve gotten a bit off of my quasi-monthly schedule of providing photo updates on the former JCC site/Wedgwood Apartments redevelopment.  Nevertheless, this is what I’m calling a November update.

The external structure of the building is nearly complete with most of the 4 stories framed and sheeted.  Residents in the neighborhood and passer-byers can now get a feel for the finished size and scale of the building.  This is Wedgwood’s first mixed-use residential building.  Now that the building is beginning to take its final form, we’d love to hear your thoughts of the building.  Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

A couple of important things to remember about the building:

  • The building will not always be as yellow as it is now.
  • There will be NO “retail” in the building, only “live work” units.
  • The building will be apartments, not condos.

For a virtual tour of the site, check out our PhotoSynth below. (requires Microsoft Silverlight to view)

As of December 4th:


Previous updates can be found for September, August, July, and June.  Also, HERE is the link to the Wedgwood Action Group’s (WAG’s) blog.  WAG is a community group which is not associated with the WCC and which was/is opposed to the Wedgwood Apartment’s project.

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  1. Thanks very much for sharing the update and photos. It helps Wedgwoodians wherever they may be to keep track of what’s happening back home. I’m disappointed about the lack of retail, having envisioned local businesses there adding to the street life. I’m also curious what kinds of work will occur in the live/work units… maybe someone can share some examples of live/work elsewhere in the city?

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