Wedgwood Apartments – December Update

The Wedgwood Apartments project continues to unfold before our eyes at a seemingly rapid pace.  Turns out, it’s all according to plan.  According to the project superintendent at Exxel Pacific, the project is still on schedule for a July 2012 completion.  As for the name of the project, the owner still hasn’t settled on a name for Wedgwood’s newest apartment building.  This begs the question (even though Wood Partners didn’t ask it), what would you name it?

A Photosynth of the project can be found below (requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin).

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  1. Seemingly rapid pace? I am sure it must seem speedy to those who don’t happen to live nearby and haven’t been able to enjoy seven months of Monday through Saturday demo, excavation, framing, and construction traffic.

    Anyway, we’ll see about that July date. From some of the December milestones the project manager gave us that they did quite appear to hit and how important Exxel Pacific felt it was to work on the Christmas holiday (which we reported to the DPD as a violation of SEPA noise control, and who confirmed directly to the builder that it was a violation) – it gives me the impression they need to move fast.

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