Seattle EOC Open, Wedgwood Hub is not

With temperatures below freezing and more winter weather in the forecast, Mayor Mike McGinn activated Seattleā€™s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) this morning: Regional public Information Network; Seattle web site

The EOC is “activated” (opened) in the midst of any perceived emergency. Our local Wedgwood Hub is activated in the event of a communications emergency only. With this current storm, if people in our comunity needed help, they would be able to use cell phones or land lines to call someone to help – so there is little need for someone to sit out in the cold at the Hub.

The Wedgwood Hub is most likely to be opened after a disaster that renders electricity, phone lines and cell towers inoperable (such as a major earthquake). In that case, community members coming to the Hub would work together to provide local solutions to minor issues, and communicate major issues to the City asking for their help in responding.

So stay home, stay warm, and use standard forms of communications if you need any assistance throughout this frigid weather.

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