Wedgwood Hub Not Activated

There is a winter storm in progress at the moment, but aside from the roads being slippery and the scenery beautiful, there seens to be minimal impact. QFC and Safeway are open, as is Rite-Aid, so those who find themselves short on supplies can stock up as needed. There is no burn ban currently on fireplace fires, so people can remain home and warm with family. There are no reports of power outages in Seattle, and phone lines seem to be working well.

Because our communications infrastructure is working well, there is no need to activate the Wedgwood communications hub. This hub will be activated only if the storm significantly takes down communications and electricity for an extended period of time, and there is real concern about the health and safety of individuals in our neighborhood.

Have fun, stay safe, and please keep in touch with neighbors (especially the elderly) to make sure they are weathering the storm well.

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