It's a Desert at Desert Sun Tanning Salon

About a week ago, the Desert Sun Tanning Salon closed their doors and moved to the University Village area.  This follows the loss of our neighborhood’s favorite boutique, f r e s h, which couldn’t continue after about 5 years of business.  This leaves two vacant store fronts adjacent to each other just to the north of Starbucks.  So, what will replace these two businesses?

While we haven’t had anything confirmed, rumors are that the 35th Ave NE business district is in line to get its 7th bank.  Which bank have we heard will replace the f r e s h and the Desert Sun Tanning Salon?  We’d rather not say, but here’s a hint:  “You can’t open a lock without one of these?”

If you’ve figured out our clue, which probably anyone can get, share below.  Also, let us know what you think about a 7th bank coming to the area.

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