Solarize NE Seattle Has Added 21.4 Kilowatts in Less Than 1 Month

On January 17th, the Solarize NE Seattle campaign was launched by Northwest SEED’s Solarize Washington program and co-led by Sustainable NE Seattle.  Solarize Washington is a program to make it easier to “going solar,” like this house on 33rd Ave NE to the left, by aggregating interested neighbors together with local installers to realize bulk purchasing rates of solar panels and reduced overall costs.  In the one month since the program launched, nearly over 170 folks have registered for a solar site assessment and 4 homes have contracted to install 21.4 kilowatts of power.  However, the goal of the Solarize NE Seattle campaign is to install 200 killowatts by the end of this summer.

To achieve this goal, they’ve made it very easy to get started and learn more about the campaign and the benefits to going solar. There’s 5 easy steps for those who ultimately choose to go solar.

  1. Register for the program (no commitment)
  2. Attend a free workshop (February 29th, March 24th, or April 28th)
  3. Have your home evaluated (no commitment)
  4. Sign a contract (okay, this is a commitment)
  5. Get your solar on

So, what are you waiting for? This house isn’t.

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