Occupied Burglaries – Update

Back in March, a rash of burglaries of occupied homes tormented much of North Seattle.  The Maple Leaf Life blog has a wonderful update to these burglaries with the news of 2 burglars arrested: 19 year old male and a 39 year old female.

According to Terrie Johnston, Seattle Police crime prevention coordinator for the North Precinct, who is quoted in the post, the 39 year old female “told the detectives that she was surprised how many people leave their house keys out in mailboxes; or on the front porch.  She also told the detectives that she often looked in the windows and could see the desirable loot in plain sight (purses, cash, electronics).  This is a great reminder of the easy precautions we can all take to make it more difficult for your home to be targeted by burglars.

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