May 19th Emergency Communications Drill

On May 19th, 2012 at 9:00 AM, there’s going to be an earthquake.  Or a terrorist attack.  Or a winter storm.  Whatever the cause, all normal modes of communication – land line phones, cell phones, television, etc. – will be unavailable.
This is a drill, this is only a drill.  The city is hosting a semi-annual test of emergency communications, and we invite you to join in the fun.  Come to the Wedgwood Hub, located at Hunter Tree Farm at 7744 35th Avenue NE., and see how community volunteers and amateur radio operators could help the community in the event of an emergency.  [If you live closer to Maple Leaf, they are hosting their own drill – see below!]
Come prepared to get involved – come up with likely issues based on whatever disaster scenario the city decides upon, then help solve those theoretical issues. Learn how we can work together to handle issues on a local level, and what happens with problems that cannot be solved with resources available in an emergency.
The drill will only last until 11:30, and participants can stay for as little or as much as they want.  We’ll show you what roles are needed to operate a hub, and if you learn enough about each to answer a few questions, we’ll give you a fun gift (while supplies last)!
For those who are closer to Maple Leaf, they will be hosting their first drill slightly differently from the Wedgwood Hub.  Read what they have to say:
The Northeast Seattle Emergency Communications Hub movement is GROWING! We have established a new communications Hub at Maple Leaf Park. This hub will not only provide our neighborhood with emergency communications, it’s location at the top of Roosevelt Ridge will enable our radio operators to receive and relay messages from other neighborhoods in  North Seattle – from Puget Sound to Lake Washington.

The May 19  drill will simulate a major emergency. We will have several radio operations set up which will receive damage and injury reports provided by walk-ups and low power radios. These messages will be passed on to licensed amateur radio volunteers from the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service. These hams will pass the messages on to the central Emergency Operations Center via voice and digital communications.

All are welcome to participate. We will be set up at Maple Leaf Park, on the east side – right off 14th AVE NE south of the construction fence. Look for the white tents and antennas. Just show up on May 19th @ 8:30 AM and we will brief you and divide up into small groups, who will  then go out into the neighborhood with handheld radios. Each group will take turns sending reports back to the Park. Other folks can stay at the hub and participate with our volunteers and see what the various roles are in the operation of the hub. For more specific information, contact John Parnell via

Wherever you live, we hope you can participate in this City Wide drill at a hub nearest  to your home. THAT is where you will go in the event of the real thing.

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