Coffee Talk 4: Place-making and Successful Streetscape Features

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Coffee Talk 4:  ”Place-making and Successful Streetscape Features” – Thursday, May 24th, at Messiah Lutheran Church (Fellowship Hall – Downstairs) from 7-8:30PM.  Speaker: Brice Maryman, SvR Design
What creates that sense of place and provides a comfortable pedestrian environment, safe for all ages and abilities?  What softens the urban environment, establishes a transition between street and storefront, and unifies one part of the neighborhood with another?  Some of this can be done with thoughtful consideration to the pedestrian environment and providing the amenities throughout a right-of-way.  This is one of the design elements that NE Seattle residents are considering as part of the 35th Ave NE neighborhood planning efforts.
This Thursday, we are excited to have Brice Maryman from SvR Design, a firm renowned for their streetscape design (among other disciplines) to introduce this subject to the community and share some thoughts on what can be done to 35th Ave NE.  
Thanks again to Top Pot Doughnuts for their support and providing delicious coffee and baked goodness for the Coffee Talks.  Make sure to put the remaining Coffee Talks on your schedule:

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  1. What will happen along 35th Ave NE as more development takes place? We CAN influence how the streetscape will look and function. I encourage everyone who is concerned about development issues in Wedgwood to attend the Coffee Talks and get involved in the Wedgwood Community Council’s land use work.

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