Roosevelt, Bryant, and Eckstein School Doors Locked Following Roosevelt Shootings

Earlier this afternoon, a shooting occurred at the Cafe Racer Espresso at 5828 Roosevelt Way NE where 5 people were shot: 2 men have been confirmed dead while 2 other men and 1 woman are being treated at Harborview Medical Center.  The suspect fled by foot to the north.  According to the Seattle Times, the suspect is described as a “white man, 30-40 years old, 6-feet-1, with a medium build. He has light brown curly hair, a goatee or beard and was wearing a white and plaid shirt.”

Police are asking anyone who sees someone matching this description to call 911 immediately.  Traffic is obviously terrible around Roosevelt at the moment and Police are requesting that parents stay away from the high school (do not try to pick up your kids) for now.

Shortly after the shootings, a seperate shooting occurred downtown where 1 woman has been confirmed dead.  All major news outlets are following the shootings.  If you’re a Twitter user, you can track updates using #RooseveltShooting.

UPDATE 1: From Twitter, “@seapubschools says only Roosevelt HS in lockdown. Eckstein and Green Lake are in shelter in place.” @KUOW
UPDATE 2: From Twitter, “@katherinelong: My son is in the lockdown at Roosevelt HS, but he says it’s just classes as usual. No drama in the halls.” @katherinelong
UPDATE 3: From Twitter, “Eckstein Parents: texting my daughter who confirms lock down, says everyone is safe #rooseveltshooting” @markipp
UPDATE 4: From Twitter, “RT @brianmrosenthal: Roosevelt HS no longer on lockdown, spox says. Doors still locked tho, like at Eckstein/Green Lake. #RooseveltShooting” @SeattleTimes
UPDATE 5: From Twitter, “Modified lockdowns: Roosevelt HS, Eckstein MS, Greenlake Elem, Chief Sealth HS, Denny Int’l MS, Lafayette Elem, Pathfinder at Cooper” @King5Seattle
UPDATE 6: From Twitter, “Community center lockdowns: Greenlake, Ravenna/Eckstein, Delridge” @King5Seattle
UPDATE 7: From Twitter, “Report from inside Eckstein Middle School confirms they are not allowed to leave rooms they are in. #Rooseveltshooting” @RavennaBlog
FINAL UPDATE: A man identified as Ian Stawicki is believed to have been the shooter in the Roosevelt shooting and a second shooting downtown. Stawicki has died from self inflicted gun wounds. In total, 6 people have died today while a 7th (employee of Cafe Racer) looks like he will survive following surgery. Here is a complete story from the Seattle Times.

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