Work parties at the Picardo Farm P-Patch

The P-Patch at the Picardo Farm, 8040 25th Ave NE, has a busy activity program of work-parties, social and educational get-togethers for adults and for children.

On Wednesday evening July 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM there will be a work party at the Picardo Farm P-Patch, located at 8040 25th Ave NE.  Meet in the pavilion (closest access off of NE 82nd Street.)  The main tasks of Wednesday evening’s work party will be laying burlap and chipping the south end paths.

The P-Patch has an active group of volunteers and includes activities for kids, as well.  P-Patchers donate produce to the North Helpline food bank and hold many social and educational events for gardeners.  P-Patch info is on their Facebook page:

The P-Patch is also a source of love, as can be seen by the “take some love” tags posted on the barn bulletin board.

See the article “The Picardo Farm in Wedgwood” on Valarie’s history blog to find out who the Picardos were and how their farm became a P-Patch community garden:

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