Set clocks back on Saturday night

Remember to set your clocks back one hour this Saturday night, November 3, for the end of Daylight Savings Time.  You’ll get an extra hour of sleep and you’ll be on the right time schedule the next day.  If you don’t need the extra sleep, use the extra hour to test your home’s smoke detectors and change out old batteries.  As winter approaches, it is also a great time to replace burned-out light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL light bulbs.

Regular light bulbs (incandescent) and batteries such as AA, AAA, C, 9-volt and D can be disposed of in Seattle’s curbside garbage cans as they are not considered hazardous.  “CFL” stands for compact fluorescent lights, and because CFLs contain small amounts of mercury, they must be recycled at a local collection site and not thrown in the trash.  To encourage recycling of CFLs, Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities are hosting Recycle and Save Events in November.  Bring in your burned out CFLs and receive a free CFL at Home Depot (by Costco), 1335 N. 205th Street in Shoreline, Saturday, November 3, from 11 to 2.  The following Saturday, November 11, Recycle and Save will be held at Lowes, 12525 Aurora Ave N. from 11 to 2.  Up to three free CFLs can be exchanged per household.

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