Don't Forget to VOTE!

Thankfully, we’re not considered a ‘battleground state,’ because we’d be swimming in even more political mailings and flyers than we already are.  Nevertheless, most of us are bombarded by media in our mailbox from various candidates and issues groups trying to convince us one way or the other.  It’s enough for someone to ask themselves, “How can I cut down on all these mailings?”  Turns out, there’s a simple answer to that question.  Vote! The sooner you get your vote in, the sooner the candidates/groups know that as well and they’ll stop mailing so much to you.

The closest ballot box to Wedgwood is in Magnuson Park!

A lot of important candidates and issues are on the ballot. The Wedgwood Community Council is nonpartisan, but we strongly encourage everyone to exercise their democratic right to VOTE.

As you hopefully know, Tuesday, November 6th is the deadline to get your ballots in the mail or dropped off in a ballot box.  If you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote, you can check HERE.  If you’ve already voted and you want to make sure the County Elections has received your ballot, you can check HERE.

Statewide Online Voters Guide
King County Online Voters Guide

There are a variety of other voters guides out there for those passionate about certain issues although we will not link to those here.


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