Holiday Tamales

Garza Mexican Foods has been operating a weekend “pop-up cafe” in Wedgwood out of the storefront of Blue Plate Express at 7347 35th Ave NE, next to Subway. December 24 will be Garza’s last day of business at Blue Plate Express. They are looking for a permanent home, a dine-in place where they can offer an expanded menu, seven days per week.  December 15 is the last day to order Garza’s special Holiday Tamales for the season of festive occasions. They will be open on December 24 from 10 to 2 for pick-up of Holiday Tamale orders only.

Your second-to-last chance to eat tamales is during Garza’s regular weekend hours, December 15, 16, 22, and 23.   The cafe is open on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM and on Sunday from 11 to 2. You can do “take-out” or pull up a stool and enjoy the food on the spot – but be forewarned, the tamales sell out fast!  You can also order ahead and pick up tamales on the weekend.

Tamales are traditional Mexican cuisine.  The dough is spread on a corn husk, fillings such as meat, cheese and vegetables are added, then the tamale is wrapped into a package with the corn husk and steamed.  They can easily be reheated and can even be frozen to use later.  The best way to ensure your favorite tamales will be available is to Call Garza Foods by Thursday and place your order for the weekend:  206-422-2711.

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