Wind and Snow this Week

The National Weather Service is warning about the possibility of high winds beginning on Monday.  There is a possibility of snow in Seattle by Tuesday, especially at higher elevations.  Have your emergency preparedness plan at the ready, especially if you have children in school or if you must travel around on any of Seattle’s higher hills.  Plan alternate travel routes in case of road closures.  Take a look at the “Get Prepared, Stay Prepared” info on the right-hand column of this page (just below the calendar) for links to Seattle’s weather forecast and emergency info.  Wedgwood’s Emergency Hub (at Hunter Tree Farm) will only be activated in case of a major event such as failure of all other communication systems, earthquake, etc.  The phone number to call Seattle City Light about a power outage is 684-7400.  There is a different number to report nonworking streetlights, 684-7056.

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