MOHAI Begins a New Life

The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI, abbreviated and pronounced mo-high) was located in the Montlake neighborhood for more than fifty years.  The museum had to close and find another location because its Montlake  site was taken by the expansion of the 520 highway and bridge.  Now MOHAI has just opened in a historic building on the shore of Lake Union.  MOHAI’s new setting in South Lake Union Park with maritime activities all around it, such as the Center for Wooden Boats, brings to life Seattle’s history of water transport and industry.  MOHAI’s remodelled historic building, the old Naval Armory, is like the interior of a ship with displays arranged around the decks and views out over the water from every side.

The Grand Opening of the new MOHAI is Saturday, December 29, and visitors are asked to reserve a timed-entry ticket via the webpage.  The timed-entry will help meet fire department regulations to not overcrowd the building.  Another opportunity for a free look at the new MOHAI will be on First Thursday, which will be next week on January 3rd.  Check the webpage for directions and consider taking the bus or the South Lake Union streetcar to the new MOHAI.

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