SDOT's 2013 Road Improvements for Wedgwood

Wedgwood residents have expressed a desire for a safer, more walkable 35th Ave NE through the Wedgwood Vision Plan, several community meetings, and comments on our website.  Last year, the Wedgwood community identified pedestrian improvements and traffic/transit improvements as your #3 and #5 priority.  The WCC has been working to identify specific projects and has been supportive of a community-driven planning effort looking at the future of 35th Ave NE.  In 2013, SDOT has 2 projects planned for 35th Ave NE that are intended to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow through 35th Ave NE.

New Turning Lanes at 35th Ave NE/NE 75th Street
In 2011, SDOT completed a signal revision on east/west bound lanes at the intersection of 35th Ave NE and NE 75th Street.  They installed new signals and pocket turn lanes along NE 75th Street.  In 2013, they plan on completing a similar signal revision along 35th Ave NE for north/south bound lanes.  This revision should help to alleviate the wait time for cars travelling north/south who get stuck waiting behind left turning vehicles and improve traffic flow through that intersection.  No date for construction has been set for these improvements as of yet.

New Crosswalk at 35th Ave NE and NE 80th Street
In 2011, the WCC submitted a Neighborhood Street Fund grant application to install a crosswalk at 35th Ave NE and NE 80th Street.  (Many thanks to WCC Trustee, Gretchen Bear, for championing this project!)  The WCC had submitted grant applications for similar crosswalk proposals at the same intersection for numerous years, but the project had been denied funding for various reasons.  This time, however, we submitted an application for a simple crosswalk design (no overhead lights) which was recommended by SDOT to the City Council for funding in late 2012.  As part of the City’s budget approval, the Council agreed with SDOT and included our crosswalk for funding.  It’s our understanding, as part of the crosswalk installation, SDOT will be making some changes to the parking restrictions along part of 35th Ave NE as well to reduce traffic speeds and improve safety between NE 75th Street and NE 85th Street.  We understanding that these improvements will be coming to 35th Ave NE sometime in the Spring of 2013.

Here’s to a safer 2013 for drivers and pedestrians alike along 35th Ave NE!

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