Spring Clean

It’s time for Spring Clean!  This annual city-wide event is a great way to network with neighbors to clean up your street.  Spring Clean is sponsored by the City of Seattle and has a special page on Seattle Public Utilities.  The Spring Clean hotline phone number is 233-7187.  SPU will provide garbage grabbers, gloves, bags, and vests for visibility/safety while working along the roadside.  There are also supplies available for eradication of graffiti.

You can arrange in advance with neighbors who might need help with cutting back shrubbery or trees which overhang the sidewalk.  Past Spring Clean projects of the Wedgwood Community Council have included this kind of work along 35th Ave NE as well as sweeping, picking up trash and sprucing up the landscaping at the post office (arranged in advance with the postmaster.)  My own daughter was only five years old when she first helped sweep the streets of Wedgwood, and it gave her a pride of place which never left her.

For examples of what can be done, take a look at the organizing of our Lake City neighbors.  They have created a spreadsheet on Google to list who will do a Cleanup Walk on each street.   For more info on Spring Clean supplies, call the Lake City Neighborhood Service Center at 684-7526, located on the second floor above the Lake City Library, or the University Neighborhood Service Center, 4534 University Way NE, phone 684-7542.  Let’s clean up!

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