March Community Meeting, Wednesday, March 13th, 7-9PM

WCC March Community Meeting
Wednesday, March 13th, 7-9PM
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

As Spring approaches and the “to do” lists blossom, we’re asking the question “what does ‘sustainability’ look like around the home?”  We’ll have a wonderful mix of speakers joining us for our upcoming Wedgwood Community Meeting, on Wednesday, March 13th, from 7-9PM.  All are welcome!  We’ll hear about the following topics:

  • New Crosswalk 35th Ave NE & NE 80th Street Update wtih John Vander Sluis from SDOT.  He’ll give us a quick update on the new crosswalk, scheduled to be installed this Spring!
  • Reducing Household Waste from Signe Gilson with CleanScapes.   Did you know that our household garbage, yard waste, and recycling all consume literally tons of resources to handle.  Simply reducing the waste we generate can save lots of resources and ultimately save you money through avoiding/reducing rate increases to your utility bill.  You probably knew all this because we won $50,000 for reducing our waste more than other collection areas.  Find out what that money can be used for and you can apply for a project!
  • Growing Older in Your Own Home by Judy Kinney, Executive Director of NE Seattle Together (NEST).  Did you know that NEST provides community and resources for those who choose to grow older in their own home as an alternative to senior retirement communities?
  • Rain Harvesting by Hannah Kett with Sustainable Seattle and Susan Harper with Seattle Public Utilities.  Did you know that runoff from our homes and driveways are overwhelming our sewer systems across the City?  Did you also know the City has rebates that essentially pay for you to construct rain gardens and cisterns in some basins?
  • Home Seismic Retrofits from Roger Faris, KUOW’s famous home repair guru.  Did you know most homes built before 1980 aren’t fastened to their foundation and can rock off of it during an earthquake?  There are relatively simple retrofits that can be done to retrofit your home and the City has helped to make it easier for homeowners to do this too.  Come find out more!
  • NE Seattle Tool Library by Debra Morrison with Sustainable NE Seattle.  Did you know NE Seattle has a new tool library where you can check out tools to do such things as complete a home seismic retrofit?

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