Breaking News: 4 Pedestrians Hit in front of Eckstein Middle School

UPDATE: A lot of of bad things went down this afternoon in front of Eckstein, where one Tweeter pointed out to the Police and Mayor McGinn is where SPD had recently set up a speed sign. We corrected the title to reflect that 4 pedestrians were hit. Please keep the young, twenty-something woman and the infant, who are both at Harborview, in your thoughts.  For that matter, keep all four of the pedestrians hit in your thoughts!  A lot has been written about this already and there’s not much more we can add, so we recommend checking out the following posts:

As we write, NE 75th Street is blocked as 3 pedestrians were hit by a vehicle. Reports suggest that 2 of the 34 have died and that Police are evaluating the male driver for possible impairment. Seattle Police have set up detours while the investigation takes place.  We will provide more information once reports provide more information. In the mean time, you can follow the @SeattlePD twitter feed or their Seattle Police Blotter blog for updates.

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