Northeast 65th Street Cycle Track Now Open!

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has opened the Northeast 65th Street Cycle Track, a dedicated bike lane.  The cycle track is separated from traffic by a sturdy barrier.  Separating traffic types (cars, bikes, pedestrians) into different lanes not only increases convenience, but adds safety.

The Northeast 65th Street Cycle Track provides a family-friendly connection between the Burke-Gilman Trail and Magnuson Park, helping people of all ages to ride bikes along 65th and also cross Sand Point Way more easily.  At the Sand Point Way crossing point, there is now a larger waiting area, larger and better aligned curb ramps, repainted crosswalks and specially marked “crossbikes” — crossing areas for bikes to have their own area of the street separated from pedestrians.

To learn more about cycle tracks and how they are being used around the City of Seattle, visit the cycle track webpage.

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  1. I am totally unclear why the city has built this. It extends about 300 yards along a wide and not very heavily used arterial that already provided easy and safe bike access to Magnuson Park. I can think of countless places where these funds could have been usefully spent to actually improve biking safety.

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