The 1960s in Wedgwood

Dairy Queen circa 1963 on Safeway parking lot nearest to NE 75th Street.

In 1960 Wedgwood had NO banks, which seems hard to believe today.  Wedgwood did have a number of small shops and cafes which were locally-owned.  There was a drugstore with a real soda fountain, and a hardware store which also sold specialty food items and rented out ski equipment.  The Wedgwood Community Club which was active in the 1950’s and 1960’s was successful in preventing a hamburger drive-in from being built at the corner of NE 84th Street.  But those who really wanted a hamburger could head on down to Dairy Queen which was on the Safeway parking lot at NE 75th Street.  Read all about it this week on Valarie’s history blog.

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