A Page for NE 75th Street

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has posted a new website for the NE 75th Street Road Safety Corridor Project.    Outlined on the page are the safety improvements that have been made so far, next steps, and meeting dates for seeking suggestions on further work.  We are all heartsick at what happened on NE 75th Street and we need to turn our energy into constructive next steps. What can we do?   One way of helping is to attend upcoming meetings and give suggestions for traffic improvements. Coming up are three meetings, April 23, April 25, and May 1st, where SDOT will hear ideas from residents.

As of 1954 in front of Eckstein School, NE 75th Street was not paved.

SDOT has set a schedule from May through August for synthesizing community input and defining roadway improvement alternatives.  At the bottom of the new NE 75th Street page there is “Stay Connected” info where you may subscribe to email updates on this project, and contact info for SDOT staff who will work on the NE 75th Street Project.  Note that under “Implementation” it is stated that “SDOT will develop a funding strategy for longer term improvements.”  It should be noted that the City does not necessarily have money on hand, so funding specifically for NE 75th Street needs to be sought.  Anyone who has grant-funding ideas, please jump in to help!

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