Ducks and Clucks

It’s Spring, which is baby bird time at area parks including Green Lake, Matthews Beach and Magnuson.  Birds are nesting and hoping to hatch a family, so it’s also time for reminders about proper wildlife stewardship.  Never let children or dogs chase wildlife, and keep dogs out of wetlands areas.  Magnuson Park has an off-leash area which is clearly marked but allowing dogs to run in the marsh areas is definitely off-limits.  Teach children to be alert for birds and enjoy them without disturbing the bird family.

Repeat-visits to highly visible bird areas such as Green Lake can help children see and enjoy duck families as they grow up.  Children can also investigate birdlife through visits to the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop in Wedgwood, and via computer access to WildLife Cams, such as the camera currently showing a Kiwanis Ravine nest of Great Blue Herons with eggs.  Right now many bird nests are “under watch” and we hope to be rewarded with bird chick sightings soon!

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