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In the summer of 2013 we will see changes and improvements to the NE 75th Street corridor from Wedgwood all the way west to the freeway.  At recent traffic info sessions, input was given on how to improve safety on this busy street, especially in light of the heartbreaking deaths and injuries of the Schulte family which took place on March 25.  Since that time a warning beacon has been installed at the corner of 33rd Ave NE and other permanent changes and improvements are in process.

The Wedgwood Community Council held a meeting on May 15 with our 46th District state representatives to address the legislative side of traffic safety, including current legislation to combat DUI (Driving Under the Influence.)  We encourage everyone to review the info presented and contact your legislators to indicate your support.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has created a webpage for the NE 75th Street Road Safety Corridor Project.  All updates will be posted on that page and you can also sign up there to receive e-mail updates.  On Friday, May 17th, traffic engineer Jim Curtin sent out info via e-mail, which will soon be posted.  Here is an excerpt of some of the main points:

The Seattle Department of Transportation thanks north Seattle residents for providing valuable input into the NE 75th Street Road Safety Project. Hundreds of comments have been collected through three public meetings and we’ve received more than 100 emails, letters, and completed comment sheets. We are in the process of mapping all of the concerns and suggestions we received through this process. The map will be completed and distributed via this email listserv next week.

Here’s What We Heard – Common Themes

Flashing beacon lights have been installed in the Eckstein School Zone.

· Channelization improvements were requested along segments of NE 65th Street, NE 75th Street, 25th Avenue NE, 35th Avenue NE and Banner Way NE and at several signalized intersections.

· Speeding is a problem along the NE 75th Street corridor and along segments of nearby arterial streets.

· There is a strong desire to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety throughout the area. Suggestions included adding more and improving existing marked crosswalks, constructing sidewalks, adding bicycle facilities to NE 65th Street and NE 75th Street, and improving signal performance for pedestrians and cyclists.

· Increased enforcement efforts are needed area-wide to address speeding, distraction driving, impaired driving, and pedestrian and bicycle safety issues.

What’s Next

SDOT will evaluate public input alongside traffic data and our Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans to develop options to improve safety for NE 75th Street and nearby roadways. We’ll present these options to the community in July. In the meantime, please contact us if we’ve missed anything.

Thanks again for your support,


Seattle Department of Transportation

700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3768

Seattle, WA 98124

(206) 684-8874


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