Slow Down, Wedgwood!

On Sunday afternoon I was cruisin’ in Wedgwood when my interest was caught by a real estate open-house sign.

road rageOn impulse I turned west onto NE 91st Street and drove along this residential street in Wedgwood which has no curbs or sidewalks. The street was heavily parked with cars and as I proceeded along at about 20 miles per hour, my eyes darted from side to side, watching in case a child or an inattentive adult might step out into my path.

Suddenly I saw in my rear-view mirror that there was a car right on my tail. The young woman at the wheel was gesturing……in an unlady-like manner. When I came to a stop sign and stopped at 30th Ave NE, the young woman honked her horn.  I was bewildered, and after proceeding through the intersection I pulled over and let the young woman pass me. She sped down the residential street at 40 miles per hour or more. I sat watching, wondering if perhaps I should not have let her by; she might be on her way to an accident right now.

Safe Streets Memorial WalkArriving at the real estate open house, I saw the young woman get out of her car.  She looked at me as I slowly drove past. I wonder if she thought it was worth speeding so that she could get to the house a whole thirty seconds faster?  I thought about talking to her and asking, how would you feel if you had struck someone because you were speeding?

I went to NE 75th Street, got out of my car and stood watching as cars went by at high rates of speed, much faster than the 30 miles per hour which is posted. I stood at the site of the Schulte family memorial and wondered, what will it take?   When will Wedgwoodians SLOW DOWN?

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  1. We live one house away from the intersection you mention. People drive through the neighborhood as if they were on an arterial. Many drive through the uncontrolled intersections as if it simply couldn’t be possible for another vehicle to arrive there at the same instant. I’m of an age and increasingly cranky sentiment that I wouldn’t have hesitated to stop and inform that young woman that her behavior was unacceptable.

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