Hot Weather Safety Tips

Hot weather sometimes brings out “crazy driving” in Seattle.  Maybe people think they will generate a cool breeze by driving faster????  However, the arterial speed limit is still only 30 miles per hour, no matter the weather conditions.  Slow down, Wedgwood, and drive safely!

One of the most common hot-weather crimes is home burglaries through windows and doors left open.  Be sure to secure windows and doors when you leave the house, even if you are going to be gone only a short time.  Don’t leave the front door of your house open or unlocked while you are in the backyard.

On hot days, make provisions for pets to keep cool.  Provide plenty of drinking water.  Some dogs enjoy water play, such as a kiddie pool or running through the lawn sprinkler to cool off.  Indoors, both dogs and cats may benefit from a fan blowing across the floor to give them relief from the heat. Statistics show that more cats get lost during hot weather, so provide a cool place for them to stay indoors, safe at home.

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