Got Guests?

Cobb Building at 4th and University in downtown Seattle.

Are you looking for ideas for activities to help you entertain summer guests?  There are several kinds of walking tours, including those offered by the Seattle Architecture Foundation.   SAF has a number of different tour themes, including “Greatest Hits” which outlines Seattle history as illustrated by its architecture.  From classical examples like the Rainier Club and the Cobb Building, to the modern Central Library, visitors can get a feel for the life of the city.  Tours are two hours and involve a lot of walking.  The tours begin at the office of the Seattle Architectural Foundation at 1333 Fifth Ave, Third Floor.  Arrive early and take time to look at the displays in the SAF office about Seattle’s great architects and structures.

If you and your guests would like to explore outside of the city, try the Cedar River Watershed Tours.  The Watershed, owned by Seattle Public Utilities, is in the foothills of the Cascades about an hour southeast of Seattle.  The Watershed is a protected area of 90,000 acres, managed as an ecological preserve to provide drinking water.  There are different types of tours, the Tap Water Tours oriented to adults, and the Family Waterfall Tours.  You and your guests will come away awestruck by the natural beauty of the Watershed, as well as thankful for the foresight of early Seattle leaders who realized the need of a reliable clean water supply.

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