Mayor McGinn To Visit the Ravenna-Bryant Neighborhood to Discuss NE 65th Street

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinnNE 65th Street Town Hall
Monday, August 12th, 6:45PM -8PM
Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center

The Mayor is coming to the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood on Monday, April 12th, from 6:45-8PM for a town hall meeting to hear from the surrounding community.  The mayor’s visit comes after some business owners and residents in the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood opposed a cycle-track proposed on NE 65th Street within the City’s Draft Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) update (see Seattle Bike Blog and the Ravenna Blog for more).  A similar cycle track has been shown in the draft BMP for 35th Ave NE through Wedgwood as well.

To help explain the intention of the BMP and better understand the neighborhood’s concerns, the mayor is coming out to hear from the community. A brief presentation by SDOT on the Draft Bicycle Master Plan will begin at the start of the town hall (6:45PM ).  So, make sure to show up for the start if you’d like to learn more about the BMP.

Additional information on the town hall can be found on the town hall flyer (at right).

Relevant Side Note: The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association is also interested to learn more about what the community wants to see for the NE 65th Street business district as well.  They’ve set up an ONLINE SURVEY to hear from the community about what the neighborhood wants to see for NE 65th Street.

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