Volunteers of America Are Selling the Theodora

UPDATE: As Kat Herine points out on our Facebook page, the LR-2 zoning allows the following: “Residential, Multifamily, Lowrise 2 L2 2 to 3-story lowrise apartment building or townhouses with a density limit of one unit per 1,200 square feet of lot area and a maximum of 40% lot coverage (50% for townhouses). An average of 30% of lot area is required for open space for apartments; or 300 square feet per unit for ground related housing.”

The Theodora is being sold by the Volunteers of America.

The Ravenna Bryant Community Association is reporting that the Theodora, a affordable housing development south of the NE Library, is being sold by the Volunteers of America.  According to the RBCA, less than 50 residents remain in the building after assisted-living residents had been moved out.  The property is 64,772 square feet (1.49 acres) and zoned LR-2.  A photo of the parcel map is below.

The Children’s Home Society of Washington property, located west of the Theodora, is 3.7 acres in size and is also for sale.  Both the RBCA and the 35th Ave Committee have reached out to the Volunteers of America to learn more.

The Theodora is 64,472 sf and zoned LR2. Large property to west is the Children's Home Society of Washington property, also for sale.

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  1. As we found in our neighborhood, these zoning requirements mean nothing to the developers. The zoning boards are all controlled by developers and they grant whatever exemptions are requested.

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