Barter Fair

The Barter Fair hosted by Sustainable NE Seattle is set for Sunday, October 6, from 1 to 6 PM at the Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE.  Last year’s successful event sets up the anticipation for this year, and coordinators are invited to get involved.  Some of last year’s popular features which could be done again include a Leave-One-Take-One share table for usable items you’d like to leave for others, and a produce and plant swap for you to bring homemade or home-grown items to barter.  One of the principles of Sustainability is community exchange, value for value, so you are invited to join in with this urban country Barter Fair.

The celebrity Cider Press of the NE Seattle Tool Library will join in with the fun at the Barter Fair, so bring your apples or other fruit, and a strong arm to turn the crank!

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