Wedgwood's Neighbors

The first Sand Point Country Clubhouse, built 1927.

The eastern boundary of the Wedgwood neighborhood is along 45th Ave NE where two other neighborhoods are visible, but not reachable.   At the corner of NE 75th Street and 45th Ave NE is a house built in the 1920’s as the original clubhouse for the Sand Point Country Club and Golf Course.   That house is now a private home.   The golf course is visible along the fence but the entrance is located farther east on NE 75th Street at 49th Ave NE.

Wedgwood is on the left side of the map along 45th Ave NE and the Inverness neighborhood is on the right, accessed from Sand Point Way NE.

Continuing northward, 45th Ave NE ends at NE 86th Street and there is no outlet.  On one side is Wedgwood’s Maple Creek Ravine.  To the east is a steep drop-off facing Lake Washington where the Inverness neighborhood is set on a hillside. Inverness is there, but you can’t get there from here.  Riders on the Burke-Gilman Trail cross the main entrance to Inverness as its steep driveway ascends from Sand Point Way NE.

Wedgwood’s neighbor to the north, Meadowbrook, is easily reachable along 35th Ave NE.  The heart of activity in Meadowbrook is the community center building at 10517 35th Ave NE, where a large field is also the site of Nathan Hale High School.  Directly across from the community center building is Meadowbrook Pond, its entrance framed by large rocks and the flame ash street trees which line 35th Ave NE.

Meadowbrook Pond is in the Confluence, a low-lying area at the convergence point of the North and South Forks of Thornton Creek.   Meadowbrook has an active community council and has volunteer groups who work with sustainability, creek and pond volunteer projects, and traffic/sidewalk issues.    Meadowbrook Pond has been closed all summer for improvements and is set to re-open around October 5.

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