Welcome Zeeks Pizza! Our Newest Advertiser.

Question: What does the Cherry Bomb, Forager, Kitchen Sink,  Spanish Steps,  Puget Pounder, and  Frog Belly Green have in common?
Answer: You can grab these wickedly delicious pies just down the street at the Ravenna Zeeks Pizza on NE 65th Street.

Face it.  You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy.  So, why not grab a fresh pizza pie from Zeeks Pizza or have it delivered to your front door dinner?  Pick up a 2 fresh slices and a fountain drink for lunch, between 11AM – 2PM, for just $7.25.  Or, stop in after work for happy hour (3-6PM) and watch some football.  Whatever the situation, Zeeks has you covered with fresh, tasty goodness.

A special thanks to Zeeks Pizza for becoming a Douglas Fir Member of the WCC and for your active donations to our local schools.  Thank you for investing in your community here in NE Seattle.