E. coli in the waters of Thornton Creek

In recent weeks Dr. Jonathan Frodge, Water Quality Scientist with Seattle Public Utilities, has spoken at meetings about the evidence of bacterial contamination in the creek system which flows through northeast Seattle.  The two main branches of Thornton Creek converge along 35th Ave NE at about NE 107th Street, site of Meadowbrook Pond.  Though there are too many access points to make it practical to post signs everywhere, there have been warnings in news reports that children should not play in the creek and dogs should not drink the water, either.

On Thursday evening, October 24, the Thornton Creek Alliance will host a summit meeting for suggestions on how to address this serious problem of environmental contamination.  Our 46th District representative in the state legislature, Rep. Gerry Pollet, will be available for questions, along with other environmental experts.  The meeting will be held from 7:15 to 9 PM in the Meadowbrook Community Center which is adjacent to the swimming pool building at 10517 35th Ave NE.

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