NE 95th Street Community Meeting, Feb 11th, 6-7PM

NE 95th Street Improvements Community Meeting
Tuesday, February 11th, 6-7PM
OneLife Church, 3524 NE 95th Street

The WCC and SDOT have been working together to identify and secure funding to address traffic concerns along NE 95th Street, between 35th Ave NE and Lake City Way.  As part of the 2014 Traffic Improvement Budget, the City allocated funding to evaluate traffic and pedestrian concerns along this corridor.  The proposed improvement will focus improving sidewalk infrastructure, crosswalk options for kids and pedestrians, and reduce speed conditions.

SDOT will begin working on the design assessment in February 2014 with an anticipated design complete sometime in the Fall of 2014.  SDOT and WCC are continuing to partner together to host several community outreach meetings to collect feedback from the residents who live or work on or around NE 95th Street.  It is our goal to give residents of Wedgwood opportunity to voice their concerns and to provide SDOT with guidance on priority issues.

Come on out to the meeting and provide your input and feedback to SDOT to help direct their design.  Please help by spreading the word to your neighbors who live along or near NE 95th Street.

Followup:  meeting summary report here.

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  1. I wonder if anyone went to this meeting and could report on what was said? I really wanted to go, as I live on 95th, but was out of town on Tuesday.

    1. Chris,
      Here’s what we wrote on our Facebook page:
      ” They’re working on a corridor design, but only have $500,000 for construction. SDOT asked for critical locations and safety improvements for them to focus on. Full corridor reconstruction isn’t funded, but the design will allow work to be completed when more funding becomes available. SDOT also has a large grant they’re applying for to redo Lake City/95th intersection and crossing at Ravenna Ave. Construction on 95th St improvements likely to occur in 2015.”

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