Seattle Neighborhood Summit 2014

A message from Seattle’s new mayor, Ed Murray:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Seattle’s unique neighborhoods are what make our city great and, together, we can make it even better. I made a pledge that, if elected as Mayor of Seattle, I would hold a Neighborhood Summit within my first 100 days in office and the work has already started.

I believe there is a need for greater transparency and consistency in providing information and soliciting input from community leaders. I see an opportunity to improve how the city works with neighborhood and community leaders on issues from planning to the prioritization of city investments. This is why I am holding a summit, so we can talk — honestly and openly.

My hope is that, together, we can implement positive changes in the city’s relationship to neighborhoods to restore confidence, improve effectiveness, and strengthen purpose.

The Seattle Neighborhood Summit is the first step in an ongoing conversation.  So I ask you to join us, and take a seat at the table.

Saturday, April 5th – 9 AM to 1 PM at: Seattle Center, Pavilion Room

Give us Feedback: Fill out our online survey to let us know what you would like to get out of the Seattle Neighborhood Summit and what is important to your neighborhood.

To learn more about the Seattle Neighborhood Summit, check back here. You can also email or call 206.684.8069.

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