Share the Road: Startling Statistics, Pedestrian vs. Car

Safe Roads Awareness Week is the perfect time to revisit the startling statistics I learned about last year after our neighborhood experienced a horrible crash involving both alcohol and speed. Thank you for taking the time to review.

I attended a road safety meeting sponsored by the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association one year ago. It was an informative meeting and well attended by members in our community, SPD, SDOT, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle City Attorney’s Office, and local leaders.

The most important take-away I took from this meeting came from Dr. Beth Ebel, Director, Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center. She identified statistics regarding the fatality rate of pedestrians associated with vehicle speed.

Speed Fatality Rate
20 MPH 5%
30 MPH 40%
40 MPH 85%
50 MPH 100%

I found this statistics to be startling as well as informative. Upon learning this information I know I will double-check my speed especially when children and other pedestrians are present.

SDOT reported in 2012 that about 17,000 vehicles use NE 75th Street each day with most vehicles traveling at the speed of 37 MPH!  The speed limit is 30 MPH!

SDOT also reported that four children have been hit by cars this year around Eckstein Middle School. These children were not hit by drunk drivers and they were not hit in NE 75th Street…which is why they are all still alive, but it points to the bigger issues at hand. Speeding and lack of sharing the road (pedestrian safety) is not just an issue on our arterial streets. This is happening everywhere in our community.

We are only speeding to the next stop light or stop sign when we speed on our neighborhood and city streets, while putting people at risk. What is a life worth?

Please take these statistics, your speed and distractions into consideration the next time you drive. We share our roads with drivers, pedestrians, and bicycles alike. We need to work together to create safer roads for everyone.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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