Emergency Preparedness – get involved!

Make a plan, be prepared with your family and neighbors in case of emergency.

Saturday May 17 from  9 to 11 AM

7744 35th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(Next to the Wedgwood Post Office)

Almost all of us have heard the local warning: The question is not if a massive earthquake will hit the Pacific Northwest, the question is when it will happen. Because of this, we are all encouraged to prepare ourselves as individuals, as neighbors, and as a community.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee for the Wedgwood Community Council has been working for the past few years to encourage preparedness on all levels, most importantly on the community level.  This group has worked with the City and others in northeast Seattle to create a basic community disaster plan, including identifying and creating an Emergency Communications Hub at The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE.

This Hub will be the gathering point of the community in the event of a massive disaster.  When people arrive there, some will need assistance, while others will be volunteering to help.  We will all need to help each other, until real help comes from outside the city – which may well take a week.  What we need to figure out now, before a disaster, is how we organize the Hub to best help neighbors help each other.

This Saturday, May 17 from 9 to 11 AM, Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management is hosting a drill that tests the Emergency Communications Hubs.  We encourage members of the community to stop by the Hunter Tree Farm site to see how the Hub works in an emergency and to see how you can help prepare the community for a disaster.  We especially encourage those who might be interested in helping the Emergency Preparations Committee over time to come by and talk.  The more that we do before a disaster, the less that disaster will have an impact upon us.

If you are unable to make it this weekend but are interested in becoming involved in Wedgwood Emergency Preparedness, please contact Bill Dock (billdock@hotmail.com).

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