Summertime Crime: Car Prowls and Auto Theft

With the onset of good weather, many people forget to close car windows and lock the car when parking it.  Even when the car is in your driveway or at the curb in front of your house, take precautions and don’t leave valuables in view on the seat of the car.

The neighborhood Nextdoor social network is a way to find out if there have been car prowls or other suspicious activity in your area.  Today on Nextdoor Wedgwood, a car theft was reported.  A Wedgwood resident went early in the morning to Jackson Park Golf Course.  His car was broken into and a key to the family’s second car was taken.  Using the address on the registration, the thief drove to the home on NE 92nd Street and used the key to steal the other car which was parked there.

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